Birds of Nature is featured in L'OFFICIEL. How cool is that!
Go and check out this great all pink shopping page by Isabel Fernández Castaño.

be Curious - www.lofficiel.nl/shopping/it-s-a-girl

Meet our new retailer Jut&Juul
JUT&JUUL, go and check out this lovely store in the centre of Leiden!
In this lifestyle shop for kids you can buy unique items for your baby’s room, gifts, babycare products and baby clothes in size 50 up to 74.

At JUT&JUUL they are always on the road to find new inspiring brands. The brands they sell are selected based on good quality and a special look and feel. No childlabor!
Please don’t hesitate to ask for help. You will get the best service you need!

be Curious – www.jutenjuul.nl
Meet our new retailer Imps&Elfs+Friends

IMPS & ELFS, meets the new day with a fresh sense of wonder: Hello World! Inspiration can come from anywhere – a vintage dress or an old toy, an artist or a color.

Now that they have a larger store they have added some products and brands that inspire them. Together with their own collections they create a reflection of the surroundings they enjoy.
This is the idea behind IMPS & ELFS + FRIENDS.

We are so proud we have joined them! Go and have look - www.imps-elfs.com

It's Christmas time

It's the time of the year again!! This December we will be offering discount on several items. Not every day but on selected days. Keep an eye on our instagram for the announcements! 

be Curious

Meet our new stockist Frankey Sue

Frankey Sue is an online and offline boutique located in TheHaque the Netherlands. This is a boutique for the new childhood basics. For families who want the best for their offspring and the world we live in. Looking for new brands and items Frankey Sue is always ahead on nice products and definitely worth a visit every once and a while, online and offline!!

be Curious - www.frankeysue.com


Here we go! We love each other and we work together. Friends who follow their dreams. Creating, exploring and learning. Learn to listen and appreciate each other for who we are and what we do. Thanks to all who where there for us this weekend. Family, friends, partners, models and their parents and thanks to the lovely @irisdorine for making our dream visual!

- appreciate

Our trip to Porto
Last month we visited Porto and what an adventure is was! Our fist time working with manufacturers and agents. It was a great experience which gave us so much energy! We were over the moon to see all the possibilities. With all this inspiration and great vibes we are working hard on our new collection. But there will not only be shoes.... 
- be Curious and stay tuned ;)

It’s already been some months ago, but now that we’re ending another year we believe it’s time to look back at the good things.  That’s why we would love to share the story of IRISDORINE. It was the perfect match; we follow, love and admire each other’s work, so we didn’t have to think twice while selecting a photographer for our first shoot. With her light, earthy and natural approach she brought the visual story of Birds of Nature alive. Her approach on the power and beauty of humans and its surroundings is what makes her work so beautiful.

Find out more IRISDORINE.

               - lovers of Nature

by AMFI - Statement Store
Birds of Nature found its first home! As two alumni we are very proud to let you know that our little booties are currently available at the AMFI Statement Store. Thank you Joanne for this big opportunity!

Be curious and check out this inspiring place; by AMFI, Spui 23 in Amsterdam! 
 - be Curious
Wanna meet Veerle
Veerle will celebrate her 1st birthday in a few weeks and she is already  exploring the world by foot! Veerle is such a sparkling little girl with tons of energy. We fell in love with her cute little smile and open personality. Playing, crawling and dancing - together with her mother Mijke, Veerle definitely rocked the shoot!

 - Veerle & Mom Mijke

The story of Noud
Noud has known our booties for quite some time; he is only 1 year old and already he grew up with them. Noud is Mijke’s nephew, so he’s always the first one to test all our samples. Noud is a very happy boy and he loves to play with his toys. Our Longneck dino, also starring in the shoot, was his absolute favourite. In the beginning of the shoot Noud was a bit shy, but after a few minutes he really started to shine. We were very proud to have him on board - thanks Noud!
-Noud & Mom Harriët
Get to know Joppe
We were so touched by the spirit of our three little stars that we would like to introduce the little characters behind the shoot. Lets start with our youngest one, Joppe. At the time of our shoot Joppe was only 3 months old and we have to say he is a very relaxed baby! Mom Daphne and his grandmother carried him to the shoot and made it possible to make some great shots. Joppe you did an amazing job!
Joppe & Mom Daphne